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You can learn all about the various types of deer, about game feeders, about deer ticks and about deer feeding times at Feed That Game.

Find out what the best deer feeders

are, read up on our game and deer camera reviews, and check out our deer feeder plans.

We offer Moultrie, redneck, PVC, gravity and also homemade deer feeders at Feed That Game. What’s more, when you shop with us, we provide free shipping.

How to Make the Best Choice of Deer Feederss

There are numerous different designs of deer feeder available, so how do you go about choosing the one that is right for you?

Though you might be tempted to go for the lowest-priced feeder, that is not an indication of it being the best choice. After all, the most affordable may not last for long. On the other hand, however, one that is far more expensive may, in fact, be relatively ineffective.

So that you can make a wise choice, consider the following pointers:

• Large enough – The deer feeder choice that you make should be large enough to accommodate the needs of the type of deer you wish to feed.
What’s more, the feeder should be able to hold quite enough so there is no need to constantly refill. When you refill a feeder frequently, your scent is left behind, and in turn, this will make the deer skittish and nervous.
Human scent can actually serve to keep any and all deer away from a feeder.

• Feeder installation – Many deer feeders must be assembled as they are not pre-assembled. It’s a process that can be arduous at best, depending on the feeder.
There are, however, a variety of deer feeders that are in pre-assembled form, though you still need to set it up.
In essence, the easier and more practical the installation process is, the less frustrating it can prove to be.

• Automated features – In a variety of cases, those designs that are of a more traditional fashion are simply a trough whereby you place the feed inside the trough.
Other deer feeders are quite a bit more advanced. Some come with a timer that disperses the feed in automatic mode and at intervals that are pre-set.
High-tech models such as these are generally battery operated, though there are some models these days that are solar powered.

• Anti-varmint protection – There is a notorious problem related to deer feeders – frequently, rather than feeding the deer, it’s the local varmint populace that benefits the most.
Squirrels as well as raccoons will “help” you to reduce you feeding supplies rather rapidly, and they have been known to dominate in such a way that the deer become nervous and refuse to feed.
Squirrels and raccoons can also be destructive. They habitually tip over feeders, as if it is a fun thing to do.
With all of this in mind, your choice of deer feeder must be one that is durable enough to withstand any nonsense from squirrels, raccoons and any other local aggressor in your area.

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